Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alabaster: The Villain in Me

Alabaster Kicks Ass This Spring 

by: JPD

Coming back from their SXSW gig, CD release show with Van Epps May 18th and their live performance at KGRG FM Spring Pledge Drive we'd like to give props to Seattle favorite Alabaster.

The sun was shining, it was warm, people were dancing, holding hands, and a mariachi band played...
Dominic Yoxtheimer | The Current
Shaina Rae belting new music during pledge drive. When a mariachi band asked for vocals she asked to sign up.
Dominic Yoxtheimer | The Current
(L-R)  Joe on guitar, Dwayne on cajon, and Shaina on vox.
Look closely and you can see bassist Marlon. 

The Villain in Me EP  release show  May 18th was set up to be a "partay to partake in the pants" according to guitarist/shredder Kate, and lead vocals Shaina Rae. 

The title track off of their latest EP The Villain in Me was an idea for a new music video. 

"We wanted Phoenix Jones in a video, so we wrote a super-hero/villain song," drummer Dwayne said.  
"[The video] never ended up panning out, but the song was good."
For Kate, the lyrics run a little bit deeper than that.

"I sat down and I like to tell a good love story about the hero and the victim, you'll hear that story, which is true to my heart," Kate said. 
 "We've all been there--where you have to pick somebody else up off the ground but also cause some devastation in the wake of."  

Dominic Yoxtheimer | The Current
Joe playing  acoustic with Alabaster
during KGRG FM Spring Pledge Drive.

I remember seeing this song live at the sold out Yellowcard and Moneta show, Shaina looks right at the camera while I'm recording it front and center holding KGRG FM stickers . I could not wait to hear the song on the station as soon as possible. 

Their performance on campus was absolutely stellar. Rae's voice echoed hauntingly throughout the courtyard. Working with Latino Student Union was awesome as we collaborated a belated Cinco De Mayo event and raised funds for the station. Alabaster was our first performance during our acoustic blitz at GRCC and they did not disappoint. Kate was in the audience dancing and swaying to the music right along side staff and students at Green River Community College.

Together we introduced people to awesome music that day. The next month seeing Alabaster in AP Alternative Press Magazine was beyond cool, and well deserved

Scream it Out and The Villain in Me were added to the KGRG FM library and are available upon request 253-833-5004. Video of the live performance is at with the in-studio interview on-demand

Their next show, Alabaster will be playing once again with Moneta August 16th at Showbox at the Market with Van Eps, Orison, and Sky Pilot (another Pledge Drive Band, videos to come).

 Superheroes are always welcome. 

Sasquatch Expands


After selling out within a record-breaking 90 minutes, Sasquatch 2014 will have two separate line-ups for two weekends.

The music festival will take place May 23-25 (Memorial Day Weekend) and July 4-6 at the Gorge Ampitheatre in Quincy, Washington. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Quickie Wants You to Be in the Band!

Pop-punk trio looking for songwriters


Aspiring songwriters wanted. For those who have thought they could write the next hit out of Seattle, pop-punk band "Quickie" is ready to give you the chance. 

The trio wants to collaborate with as many people as possible on their new song title "Weapons of mass distraction".

“We’re looking for a phrase, a thought, a sentence from anyone who wants to submit a lyric,”explains Quickie front-man Lou Trez. “Then we’ll stick ‘em all in the blender and see what kind of song comes out.”
The group is no stranger to world records. "Quickie" currently holds the title of ‘most shows played in a single day’(44) by

“This is a chance for people to have a little fun, do something creative, and have bragging rights once the song comes out and the world record is set. You can say you’re in the band!” 

Collaborators won't be paid for lyrics used, but everyone will get a free download of the song. 

"This isn't writers block, it's a block of writers. Together as one to write a great song," said drummer Retten Steincipher "we'll supply the music and title but you bring the lyrics let's have some fun!"

In addition to the creative exercise, "Quickie" says they are hoping to set a world record for the ‘song with the most co-writers.’ 
From KGRG FM Red & Black Benefit
                                                                                                      Ian Lobdell | KGRG FM

Quickie from KGRG Red & Black Benefit. (L-R) Lou Trez ,  (vocals, guitar), Retten Stencipher (drums), Joe Wolf (guitar)

Submit deep, funny, or offbeat poetry to Quickie on Facebook. Deadline is June 20th,2013. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

True Holland


True Holland formed in Gig Harbor after growing up and playing together for about two and a half years.

They played acoustic for the first time May 14, 2013 outside at Green River Community College for KGRG FM's Spring Pledge Drive, raising funds for the non-profit radio station.

"It was a lot harder than we thought it was going to be. We lost our band room so we moved into Dan and I's living room so we set up some acoustics.So it worked out well, since we were already gearing up to play acoustic anyhow," Justin said.

News director, Curtis Rogers reported that he heard "Heavy" playing from his classroom and nodded his head in tune to the song.

True Holland played "Hooks" which was never heard before.

"A friend and I were drunk in a cabin and there were these antlers from a deer. And I put them in my sweatshirt so he couldn't see my hands. I asked him if we would still be friends if these were my hands and he said no. So I wrote a song about it. "Dave said.

"Bad Luck" was another song played which was heard for the first time by KGRG FM staff and passersby at GRCC. The song could also be in their next video. (if you haven't seen one of their videos I encourage you to check out "Heavy") They've just recorded 13 songs and are whittling it down as an EP. It's just a matter of time.

You can hear "Heavy" and "Afterlife" off of their 2011 self-titled EP by requesting True Holland at 89.9 KGRG FM 253-833-5004.

We just need to find a zoo that will let us swim with dolphins True Holland said.

What we promise is rock in its truest form, as hard as we possibly can. Long live the dawn of modern music.