Friday, June 7, 2013

Quickie Wants You to Be in the Band!

Pop-punk trio looking for songwriters


Aspiring songwriters wanted. For those who have thought they could write the next hit out of Seattle, pop-punk band "Quickie" is ready to give you the chance. 

The trio wants to collaborate with as many people as possible on their new song title "Weapons of mass distraction".

“We’re looking for a phrase, a thought, a sentence from anyone who wants to submit a lyric,”explains Quickie front-man Lou Trez. “Then we’ll stick ‘em all in the blender and see what kind of song comes out.”
The group is no stranger to world records. "Quickie" currently holds the title of ‘most shows played in a single day’(44) by

“This is a chance for people to have a little fun, do something creative, and have bragging rights once the song comes out and the world record is set. You can say you’re in the band!” 

Collaborators won't be paid for lyrics used, but everyone will get a free download of the song. 

"This isn't writers block, it's a block of writers. Together as one to write a great song," said drummer Retten Steincipher "we'll supply the music and title but you bring the lyrics let's have some fun!"

In addition to the creative exercise, "Quickie" says they are hoping to set a world record for the ‘song with the most co-writers.’ 
From KGRG FM Red & Black Benefit
                                                                                                      Ian Lobdell | KGRG FM

Quickie from KGRG Red & Black Benefit. (L-R) Lou Trez ,  (vocals, guitar), Retten Stencipher (drums), Joe Wolf (guitar)

Submit deep, funny, or offbeat poetry to Quickie on Facebook. Deadline is June 20th,2013. 

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